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Brows By Katrina | Microblading Essentials

DAISY • Single Flat Manual Shader

DAISY • Single Flat Manual Shader

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*pack of 25 blades
*blade holder/hand tool not included

Meet Daisy, our single flat manual shading blade! Daisy is comprised of 16 needles made of 304 stainless steel at a 0.20mm diameter. The needles are arranged in one single, flat row.

This quality blade is a flex blade, meaning the needles in the blade are bound together by synthetic material (as opposed to being bound together by metal/hard blades).

This blade is ideal for manual shading (for added density in between hairstrokes), or for a soft outline of an ombré/powder brow. Professional use only. Sterilization report always included for compliance with your governing agency.

STYLE: 16 Flat, Single Row (flex)
DIAMETER: 0.20mm

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